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AE. 15 | Karel Bachand of Barrelhand Watches

Avant-garde design meets futuristic engineering, watchmaking, and 3D printing?

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AJ Barse
The Analog Explorer is a journey with fellow enthusiasts in the #watchfam to discover their passions. Host AJ Barse shares his drive for exploration through engaging discussions with avid collectors and creative watchmakers. Through insightful interviews, the podcast celebrates the impact and art of horology. The most universally limited resource is time; and the Analog Explorer reminds us all of the need to Fac Tempus Ad Explorandum i.e. "Make the Time To Explore."

Meet Karel Bachand, founder of Barrelhand watches. While studying engineering in his undergraduate program, he stumbled upon watchmaking but not in the traditional sense. Blending his newly discovered fascination with watchmaking and his futurist vision of 3D printing, as a freshmen in college he set out to create a 3D printed watch. By a sophomore, he was flown out to Switzerland by the avand-guard watch company Urwerk because of what he created. And by his senior year in college he had an all original watch design of his own and the start of his own company Barrelhand. Oh, yeah, and he graduated with his engineering degree too. 

In this episode of AE, we sit down with Karel to hear his crazy story, where he is now as 28 year old, and what is in the works for Barrelhand watches. All from the lens of the term "avant-garde," and how it plays a role in analog explorations. 

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Barrelhand Watches

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Yes, that is some of the most state of the art metal 3D printing there is.

(photos courtesy of Karel | Barrelhand Watches)


Web | https://www.barrelhand.com/monolith

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