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AJ Barse is a podcaster and award winning and world traveling photographer and storyteller in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham Washington. As a freelancer, he uses his media and photography skills throughout the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys adventuring across all time and relative dimensions in space.

The Analog Explorer

The Analog Explorer is a journey with fellow enthusiasts in the #watchfam to discover their passions. As a professional photographer, active hiker, and recreational diver based in the Pacific Northwest, host AJ Barse shares his drive for exploration through engaging discussions with avid collectors and creative watchmakers. Through insightful interviews, The Analog Explorer celebrates the impact and art of horology. The most universally limited resource is time; and the Analog Explorer reminds us all of the need to Fac Tempus Ad Explorandum i.e. "Make the Time To Explore."

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PNW photographer, podcaster, 🖥educator, and The Analog Explorer. https://beacons.ai/ajbarse