Jan 26 • 35M

AE. 08 @peninsulakelpco #watchfam

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AJ Barse
A mini series for The Bellingham Podcast, in partnership with The Analog Explorer, exploring the stories and people who are a part of this enthusiastic watch community known as the #watchfam.

Following the backstory of the Peninsula Kelp Co. from AE 07, meet Graham Gannon a diver, underwater farmer, and a friend of ours in the #watchfam.

Peninsula Kelp Co. - https://peninsulakelpco.com/  

Aquascaphe Bronze - https://www.ajbarse.com/baltic-aquascaphe-bronze/ 

Jacques Cousteau, the original Capt. Barnacles - https://www.ajbarse.com/jacques-cousteau-octonauts/ 

Elliot Brown Watches (UK)- https://elliotbrownwatches.com/ 

Holton- https://elliotbrownwatches.com/collections/holton-professional 

EB Heritage Strap - https://elliotbrownwatches.com/collections/straps/products/str-n12-dark-blue-with-sky-blue-pinstripe-webbing-strap

Baltic Watches - https://baltic-watches.com/en