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AE. 09 ARES Watch Co. [Stanwood Wa.] #watchfam

Mission Timers built in the Pacific Northwest

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AJ Barse
A mini series for The Bellingham Podcast, in partnership with The Analog Explorer, exploring the stories and people who are a part of this enthusiastic watch community known as the #watchfam.

Meet Matthew Graham, owner and manufacture of the PNW based ARES Watch Company in Stanwood Washington USA.  - https://www.areswatches.com/.

In this episode, we take a look at a regular daydream that drifts into mind of many watch enthusiasts; to make a watch, or, to make a watch company? I took a 45 min drive south from Bellingham to meet up with Matt at the all new ARES HQ and newly establish manufacturing facility. ARES Watches is a 3 year old company producing PNW built  tool watches with mission timer functionality, high depth rating, Swiss (ETA) movements, and with a case that is manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Stanwood Washington. 

Matt on Instagram= @areswatchco  

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