Jan 28, 2022 • 37M

AE. 09 ARES Watch Co. [Stanwood Wa.] #watchfam

Mission Timers built in the Pacific Northwest

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AJ Barse
The Analog Explorer is a journey with fellow enthusiasts in the #watchfam to discover their passions. Host AJ Barse shares his drive for exploration through engaging discussions with avid collectors and creative watchmakers. Through insightful interviews, the podcast celebrates the impact and art of horology. The most universally limited resource is time; and the Analog Explorer reminds us all of the need to Fac Tempus Ad Explorandum i.e. "Make the Time To Explore."

Meet Matthew Graham, owner and manufacture of the PNW based ARES Watch Company in Stanwood Washington USA.  - https://www.areswatches.com/.

In this episode, we take a look at a regular daydream that drifts into mind of many watch enthusiasts; to make a watch, or, to make a watch company? I took a 45 min drive south from Bellingham to meet up with Matt at the all new ARES HQ and newly establish manufacturing facility. ARES Watches is a 3 year old company producing PNW built  tool watches with mission timer functionality, high depth rating, Swiss (ETA) movements, and with a case that is manufactured here in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Stanwood Washington. 

Matt on Instagram= @areswatchco  

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