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AE. 12 | Blok Watches | Neil Ferrier

AE. 12 | Blok Watches | Neil Ferrier

The search for a Swiss-Made, Kid-Proof, and 'Barracuda Proof,’ adventure watch for a 5-year-old.

Meet Neil Ferrier, Owner at Discommon, Co-Founder of Blok Watch Company (@blokwatches), and a friend in the #watchfam.

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Blok Watches are Swiss-Made, Kid-Proof, and 'Barracuda Proof’ bio plastic watches.

Disruptive x Uncommon = Discommon

"In an increasingly digital world, Blok is proudly analogue. We exist to champion the balance of metaverse fluency and real world wheelie-popping. Our unique time management system allows kids to understand and harness the rarest and most universal commodity of all... time."

On Neil’s wrist- the Bulgari Octo Finissimo 2022 10th Anniversary 'Sketch' LEs (article via Hodinkee)

April 2018- The Telegraph: "Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam halls as teenagers 'cannot tell the time' Schools are removing analogue clocks from examination halls because teenagers are unable to tell the time, a head teachers’ union has said."

Monocoque case- The word monocoque is a French term for "single shell".[1] For watches, this means the case is all one piece, and commonly the movement is loaded through the front along with the crystal.

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Word of the episode Scottisher | (skŏt′ĭsh'er)- when one gets more Scottish with every drink : see Whiskey

Upcoming from Blok

  • Smaller straps for even younger kids

  • Strap shop for Blok

  • Ocean Plastic watch strap

Cheapest Nato “Paratrooper” strap in 18mm fits for my 5-year-old’s “adventure watch”

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