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Early Access AE 16 | and updates

Updates and a surprise conversational collaboration episode between the Analog Explorer and Zulu Time Podcast

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This week has been a busy production week with coordinating some future guests to be on the show as well as two recordings (more on that later). Earlier in the week I was able to meet on the mic Dan from the Zulu Time Podcast to catch up with him and his recent travels coming back from teaching photography (within his role as a British Army Photographer) in Kenya.

ANalog Explorer patch being held up to the skyline of Nairobi

This was an episode that came out of several different text threads we’ve been sharing over the last few weeks, hitting on three topics we’ve wanted to record about:

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Analog Explorer Podcast
Embark on a journey through the world of horology and the connections many of us have to watches. With host AJ Barse, The Analog Explorer connects with fellow enthusiasts in the #watchfam and beyond, from avid collectors to creative watchmakers. As a professional photographer, active hiker, and recreational diver based in the Pacific Northwest, exploration holds a significant place in his life and he encourages others to make time for their passions. Through insightful interviews and engaging discussions, The Analog Explorer celebrates the impact and art of horology. After all, we all share in the most universally limited resource; time. And the Analog Explorer reminds us of the need to Fac Tempus Ad Explorandum i.e. "Make the Time To Explore."
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