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AE. 23 | Fabien Cousteau "Watch Collection Made Under Pressure" (early access )

Diving into time, and depth, with aquanaut and explorer Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau almost needs no introduction. He is a renowned aquanaut, explorer, environmental advocate, and filmmaker who is one of the leading figures in ocean exploration and conservation. But deeper than that, he is a father, a vintage motorcycle enthusiast, and a friend of ours in the #watchfam.

Time & Depth

The sea has driven him to undertake ambitious projects and innovative partnerships, blending his scientific pursuits with education and advocacy. One of Fabien's most notable recent achievements is "Mission 31." Linking science and the #watchfam, he and 31 Doxa timepieces spent 31 days living and working in Aquarius, the undersea marine laboratory and habitat off the coast of the Florida Keys. This mission set a new record for the longest-ever expedition in a stationary habitat beneath the sea. Accelerating research, it captured vital data and imagery showcasing critical issues, such as climate change and its impact on marine ecosystems—significantly contributing to our understanding of the underwater world, its ecology, and the urgent need for its conservation.


The Cousteau family has a long history of using, testing, and collaborating on dive watches. With Fabien, some might say that through his exploration and the partnerships he’s developed with brands such as Doxa and Seiko, he forged a new form of 'tool’ in ‘toolwatch.’ Going beyond creating a watch for a mission, these collaborations help raise funds and awareness for marine conservation. As dive watches for oceanic research and preservation, they provide a bridge for divers and non-divers alike to connect with the importance of the world's oceans. Diver and ‘desk diver’ alike can appreciate these tool watches in both form and functionality, demonstrating the powerful synergy between advanced technology and environmental stewardship, regardless if they dive 40m or from a keyboard.

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