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Collect "ing" Around Watches

Collect "ing" Around Watches

Analog Explorer x Zulu Time Podcast joint episode

Dan is the host of the Zulu Time Podcast, based out of the UK, a military watch collector, an Analog Explorer alumni, and a very good friend of ours in the #watchfam.

In this two-part joint episode between the Zulu Time Podcast and the Analog Explorer, AJ and Dan take a look at the notion around Collecting Around Watches.

To listen to the whole hour and a half episode you will have to do a little collecting yourself.

Part one can be heard on the Zulu Time Podcast Ep. 61 | Link.

And now, onto this second part: On this episode Dan and AJ are diving into the topic from the lens of the recent Cole Pennington (Hodinkee) wrote in the article Buying, Selling, & Collecting So You Collect Watches, But What Else? This Is How You Make The Hobby More Fun.” Check out the Link and see if you can spot the mention (and patch) of the Zulu Time Podcast Cole’s article.

AJ’s Watch Collect’ing’ | Origin Story

AJ’s mantra with his collect’ing’

“Watch collecting’ and collecting around the watch is more about the ing for me. Remember where I was or what I was doing , where I was diving , driving , hiking.”

The two watches that got AJ started at a very early age

  • Jubilee (Longines/Wittnauer) dive watch day date (that he dove with)

    • Wittnauer History | Link

  • AJ’s ‘first’ watch | Lorus (Seiko) Dive Ana-Digi  (Seiko V041-6000 ) 

SKX031 rebuild journey 

Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze | Link

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Reference Notes | Zulu Time Podcast Ep. 61

The Ranger Report | Dan’s observations on the Tudor Ranger new release

  • Tudor Ranger | Link

  • The promo video where Dan feels they went a bit too USA cowboy in music theming. Be sure to subscribe to the first part of this two-part episode to hear about that | Link

In the metal

Photos courtesy of Dan (@timely_moments)

Side by side of Ranger (left) to Rolex Explorer (right)
Height comparison of Tudor Ranger (closest to camera) and Rolex Explorer

On Wrist for the episode (AJ)

  • Pulsar Gen 2 G10 Chronograph on loan

  • Pulsar NON G10 version Gen 2 [civi reference is the PM3175X1 (formally PJN299X1)]

Closing Notes



  • Hydro Flask (again) but pertinent due to the recent heat dome in UK/Europe.

  • Oliver Sweeney Darien Espadrilles

  • The Gray Man Series - Mark Greaney recently turned into a Netflix film. 

  • Levison Wood Encounters - Photography Book

Be sure and subscribe to The Zulu Time Podcast wherever you like to get your podcasts

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